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ShangHai Liberty International Trading Co.,Ltd. was established in Shanghai Waigaoqiao in November 2002. Xu Xiong is the legal representative of [ShangHai Liberty International Trading Co.,Ltd.]. He is not only committed to import and export trade along the coast of China, but also sells products to Japan, Europe, America, and Asia, and is deeply loved by users.

Our company has a registered capital of 1 million yuan, annual international sales of 500 million yen, and intermediary agency sales of 3.5 billion yen.
Our company mainly deals in household groceries, furniture, kitchen supplies, working tools, vehicle parts, iron products, aluminum products and other products, as well as inspection and import and export of these products.

Since its founding, the agency has always refused to stick to conventions, constantly planning and developing innovative products, and successively entering the market and going abroad. The company's rapid growth has been achieved through the strategy of being active and courageous, continuing to challenge, and operating independently. We keep pace with the times and continue to introduce innovative new products to lead new life and new trends. At the beginning of its founding, the spirit of craftsmanship and the highest quality were regarded as the spiritual connotation. In addition to continuously producing products centered on kitchens and daily life, the company also started to produce outdoor, leisure, party, and exotic products for the market.


ShangHai Liberty International Trading Co.,Ltd.  is also affiliated to Japan Pearl  Trading Co.,Ltd., the company is one of the top international daily necessities manufacturers, founded in Showa 42 (1967), with a registered capital of 15 billion yen, located in Niigata, Japan County Sanjo City. The company has more than 30,000 kinds of high-end household products and outdoor travel products. It has approximately 650 local employees in Japan and total sales of approximately 53 billion yen. Pay attention to the combination of traditional crafts and cutting-edge technology, creating a strong appeal of the product. It has a great influence on the kitchen supplies market in Japan and even in Asia.


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